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Sent out some Valentines! #MakeMore #handmadevalentineexchange #lettering #illustration #art #valentinesday #love


Finally scanned it.

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Today’s Classic: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)

1. The Kiss

2. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I

3. Nymphs Silver Fish

4. Tragedy

5. Love


The City of Townsville! - Backgrounds from “Dance Pantsed”


Jon Lau

Genuinely exciting to see this series of fashion illustrations by Jon, totally different from the stereotypical, feminine, wavy ink lines. This has character, personality and feel more relatable than the colour mannequins you usually see.  7


Jean Magalhaes

Its brilliant seeing an artist, or in this case illustrator, posses three different styles within their work, something which if you look closely at the bigger illustrators in the industry they all have. Each one is beautiful and my personal favourite being the one colour illustration of the girl, but the water coloured lightly retro one above it is equally as good.

When people can’t decide whats your best style or piece of work, you’re on the right path.  7



My piece for the Supersonic Electronic Invitational!

It’ll be at Spoke Art, you can chech them out here

And you can check out the website for the show here

As well as the facebook here

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while searching for ref pics for my last drawing, i stumbled upon some retro photos! couldn’t help but do some palette studies..  gotta love those old faded colors. i based the portraits heavily on the ref pics but wasn’t looking to capture an exact likeness. and as always, no color picking :)

refs: here and here. both are images that i just found from searching generic terms; i tried to discover the source through reverse image search but just got websites like pinterest that had re-posted them from elsewhere. if you can find a credible source for the pics, let me know!